The Company

cropped-SKYBOUND-Logo.pngSkyBound Airsports was launched in 2016 by a team of experienced light aircraft pilots and builders to import the Best Off range of aircraft. In addition to offering advice and support throughout your build we also supply spares and equipment that can be fitted to any light aircraft or microlight.

What we do?

  • Supply SkyRanger Swift and Nynja kits to Ireland
  • Supply the full range of options and spares for the Best Off fleet
  • We can supply a range of radios, transponders and other Avionics
  • Advice and support during your build project
  • Service kits for Rotax and Jabiru engines
  • Second hand aircraft sales

Meet our experienced team below. If you want to get in touch, please use the Contact Us page

Steve Newlands

655 - 20th Sept '13 - Steve & EI-ELL

Steve & his EclipseR EI-ELL

Steve is our resident maintenance / service and in-house inspector. He appreciates all types of microlights as he has rebuilt many weightshifts from the ground up as well as repaired/ re-covered many many aircraft (including Ikarus C42s).

He is trained to iRMT (Independent Rotax Heavy Maintenance Technician) standards through CFS Aerospace and has climbed through the ranks within the NMAI to senior inspector. You’ll normally see Steve working happily under an aircraft or stuck in an engine bay to keep a client in the air whilst others are out flying.

He has a passion for all types of aircraft from weightshifts, to older classic types (eg. TST Thrusters etc) to the latest and greatest carbon fibre and composite hot-ship machines. As well as engine/ airframe repairs and service Steve is a qualified Electrical/Electronics & Mechatronic engineer so has found himself also getting more and more involved with avionics repairs & installations over the past few years.

If you’ve any queries or questions don’t hesitate to give him a call.