SkyBound Airsports are the proud to be the Irish agents for Kanardia Avionics. Kanardia produce a wide variety of advanced instrumentation for light aircraft, including Altimeters, Airspeed Indicators, Engine Instruments, Navigation Instruments and Artificial Horizons. Use the menu on the right to navigate around the products or click on the images below to view more information about each product. If you would like some more information about any of these products please get in touch. We’re installing some of these instruments in our demo SkyRanger Nynja so if you’d like to see them in action come down to visit us and we’d be happy to show them to you.


The Horis artificial horizon comes in two sizes, 57mm (2.25”) and 80mm (3.15″) to fit a standard aviation panel hole diameter. In addition to attitude information it can display airspeed, altitude, track, TAS, OAT and QNH.

57mm – €1045.50 (€850 ex. VAT)
80mm – €1131.60 (€950 ex. VAT)

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Indu Altimeter

The altimeter is an electromechanical device. It consist of high precision electronic barometric sensor, which provides static pressure information in digital form. The electronics reads the sensor and drives two coaxial stepper motors turning one needle each. The pressure information is also shown on a colour LCD display. A rotating knob is used to adjust the barometric offset  (aka QNH value). When connected to a CAN bus the altimeter outputs the pressure information. An optional dim knob can be connected to the device and it is used to adjust the brightness of the screen.

Slave 57mm – €246.00 (€200 ex. VAT)
Slave 80mm – €258.30 (€210 ex. VAT)
Master 80mm – €430.50 (€350 ex. VAT)

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Airspeed Indicator

Displays the IAS (Indicated Air Speed) in km/h or kts. Both the tip and the display shows the same speed. You can supply us with the speed ranges (VS, VNE, VFE etc.) specific to your aircraft and we can have the instrument range and colours customised to suit your needs. Available in 57mm and 80mm sizes.

Slave 57mm – €246.00 (€200 ex. VAT) * Customisable option available
Slave 80mm – €258.30 (€210 ex. VAT) * Customisable option available
Master 80mm – €430.50 (€350 ex. VAT) * Customisable option available

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A simple to use and affordable engine information system which can be used in conjunction with NESIS or as a standalone instrument. Emsis is available as a standalone or secondary EMS, PFD or Navigation instrument. It comes in two sizes 80mm or 3.5″ (Vertical screen).

80mm – €1217.70 (€990 ex. VAT)
3.5 Inch – €1316.10 (€1070 ex. VAT)

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The Nesis family of avionics is a self-contained state-of-the-art EFIS instrument optimized for ultralight aircrafts. Nesis is available in two sizes:

8.4” screen diagonal – Nesis III – From €4661.70 (€3790 ex. VAT)
5.5” screen diagonal – Nesis II only – From €3985.20 (€3240 ex. VAT)

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Vario (VSI)

Round slave variometer (vertical speed indicator). Requires I-ALT or EMSIS PFD or NESIS to be present on the CAN bus.
57 : Panel hole diameter 57 mm (2.25”) – standard aviation size.
80 : Panel hole diameter 80 mm (3.15”) – standard aviation size.

57mm – €246.00 (€200 ex. VAT)
80mm – €258.30 (€210 ex. VAT)

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Standalone Version, Slave version (requires Daqu on the bus), 57 or 80 mm size. Standard scales for Rotax D-Motor and Lycoming engines. Custom scales option. Engine time recorder option.

Slave 57mm – €246.00 (€200 ex. VAT)
Slave 80mm – €258.30 (€210 ex. VAT)
Master 57mm – €282.90 (€230 ex. VAT)

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Depending on your panel configuration you may need additional sensors, probes and cables to get the most from your new Kanardia instruments. Please contact us if you have any queries or come and visit our SkyRanger Nynja that features many of the instruments above.