A simple to use and affordable engine information system which can be used in conjunction with NESIS or as a standalone instrument. Emsis is available as a standalone or secondary EMS, PFD or Navigation instrument. It comes in two sizes 80mm or 3.5″ (Vertical screen).

Emsis, when used as standalone engine monitoring EMS can show:

  • CHTs,
  • EGTs,
  • engine RPM,
  • rotor RPM,
  • fuel flow,
  • fuel level (up to two tanks),
  • alternator and battery current,
  • voltage,
  • oil pressure,
  • oil temperature,
  • water (coolant) temperature,
  • airbox temperature,
  • manifold pressure,
  • pneumatic pressure.

And when used together with Nesis or PFD instrument, it can show:

  • airspeed (IAS and or TAS),
  • altitude,
  • vario,
  • engine time,
  • moving map,
  • logbook.

Emsis PFD shows:

  • attitude (roll, pitch),
  • indicated airspeed (IAS),
  • altitude,
  • QNH settings,
  • vario,
  • heading rate (1 minute and 30 seconds turn),
  • outside air temperature (OAT),
  • tracking course,
  • moving map,
  • logbook.


  • low cost (for what it can provide),
  • extremely low power consumption (2.5W at 12V),
  • unbelievably bright display,
  • lightweight design,
  • Nesis and CAN bus compatible,
  • feature rich.

Sensors (PFD version only). All sensors but the OAT are integrated.

  • precise altitude pressure sensor – connects to pitostatic,
  • precise IAS (indicated airspeed) sensor – connects to pitostatic,
  • three angular rate sensors – gyros (one per each axis),
  • three accelerometers,
  • GPS receiver,
  • digital outside temperature sensor.