SkyRanger Nynja

Building on the proven SkyRanger pedigree of:
• Simple tough structure
• Self jigging straight tube structure
• No welded tubes
• Ease of build
• Ease of inspection
• Ease of repair
• 5 FAI World Championship wins!
• 1200 aircraft milestone passed
• Dedicated and experienced technical support
• Well stocked parts backup
• Unbeatable value for money!
The Nynja carries all these qualities and attacks the next level of performance and aesthetics - a market area normally populated with aircraft far more expensive and less practical. Subject to wind tunnel optimisation by the renowned Toulouse aeronautical university ENSICA the new Nynja adds: Sleeker lines and underlying fuselage swathed in a smooth, modular composite skin.

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SkyRanger Swift II

The SkyRanger Swift II is a development from the best selling SkyRanger. Featuring a smaller wing, the Swift II benefits from higher cruise speeds and a more comfortable ride in turbulence thanks to the increased wing loading. With a combination of shorter wingspan, and greater torsional strength, the smaller ailerons result in reduced roll loads and increased roll rate, especially noticeable at high cruise speeds over 100mph.

Takeoff performance is still in the STOL category, and with the 100 hp 912ULS a max weight takeoff roll on grass is less than 65metres, and a spirited 1200fpm climb, rate rising to over 1500fpm solo. Stalling speed remains a comfortably low 33.5Knots at 450Kg loading, meaning short field landings are still a breeze. Powerful control response right down to stall speed, makes for easy control, and superb crosswind capability. Click on the link below to read more about this fantastic aircraft!

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Through our extensive contacts in the industry, SkyBound Air Sports brings you a wide range of products including service kits, engine accessories, avionics and other supplies for your aircraft. Whether you’re building a new aircraft or upgrading your existing one, contact us to supply you with quality products.

Having trouble with your aircraft? Contact us to see if we can help out. Steve Newlands, our Independent Rotax Heavy Maintenance Technician (iRMT) and National Microlight Association of Ireland (NMAI) Inspector is on hand to help you get back in the air again. We don’t just special in microlight parts, we offer parts for all light aircraft regardless of manufacturer.

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SkyRanger Nynja build update

So we’re only six working days into our SkyRanger Nynja build and it’s already beginning to take shape. The build has been very straightforward so far and as you can see in the photos, the design is simple and robust. We managed to get the airframe onto its main wheels by day 5 and on […]

First two SkyRanger kits have been delivered!

We were delighted to take delivery of our first two kits in the first week of October. The first one is a Skyranger Nynja which will be the SkyBound demo aircraft. If you’re interested in a demo flight, please get in touch. We hope to have it built and flying early in the new year. […]