A Plane is Born

We really should have published this a few months ago when our Nynja flew for the first time, but to be honest, we’ve been having too much fun flying it! The aircraft took to the air for the first time at the beginning of April and flew very well. We had two minor issues to […]

Doors and Check Flight Preparation

Every homebuilt aircraft is slightly different so the doors have to be individually made for each aircraft. Taking time to build and fit the doors properly ensures drafts are kept out and a comfortable ride for pilot and passenger in the future! There are two door options for the Nynja, the one-piece door that folds […]

Spats and Decals

Work continues at a fast pace and it looks like we’re on the home stretch! The last parts of the engine to complete were the throttle linkages and some of the electrical connections. The SkyRanger is fitted with dual throttles outboard of each side of the cabin. They are joined together with a torque tube […]