Fairings and Cowling

With the wings covered and engine in place, it was time to fit the fairings and engine cowlings. While the Nynja looks very similar to the SkyRanger Classic and Swift II, it comes with lots of extra aerodynamic refinements which increased the cruise speed by about 20 mph over the Classic! In preparation for adding […]

Things are starting to take shape!

At the end of November we had the opportunity to move the Nynja to a new location which gave us much more space to continue the build and attached the wings. The SkyRanger series can of course be built in quite a small space but it does require that the wings are disassembled again for […]

Rear Fuselage Complete

To date, we’ve spent 57 hours building and have the airframe rear fuselage completely finished and the composite skins fitted. It’s amazing – all this with a few sockets, spanners and rivet gun! Take a look at the photos and captions below which gives more details about the steps involved. The next stage is to […]

SkyRanger Nynja build update

So we’re only six working days into our SkyRanger Nynja build and it’s already beginning to take shape. The build has been very straightforward so far and as you can see in the photos, the design is simple and robust. We managed to get the airframe onto its main wheels by day 5 and on […]