Every homebuilt aircraft is slightly different so the doors have to be individually made for each aircraft. Taking time to build and fit the doors properly ensures drafts are kept out and a comfortable ride for pilot and passenger in the future! There are two door options for the Nynja, the one-piece door that folds up and latches on the underside of the wing or the split door. The bottom half opens forward and the upper part opens upwards to the underside of the wing. There’s more work in the two-piece door but it has several advantages including being able to open the upper part of the door with the engine running. We opted for the two-piece door.

The kit comes supplied with lexan that’s marked to the rough dimensions of the door. This can then be filed down to fit the exact dimensions of any particular build. It’s best to fabricate and fit the doors with the wings installed to ensure gaps are sealed and drafts are minimised. The lower door hinges are fitted to the forward cabin uprights and a catch is fitted to the rear part of the door frame to secure it closed. The upper door is hinged from the top of the fuselage just under the wing with catches located on the forward fuselage upright and the mid-section to ensure a snug fit. A door open keeper is fitted to the lower section of the wing so the door catch can engage and keep the door open, again the position of this will depend on the exact dimensions of your build.

This is the last major component of our Nynja build with just some general tidying up to be done. This includes fitting the carpets and draft excluders in the cabin, stick opening, trim lever finish, wing root fairings etc. This was also the opportunity to complete the final NMAI Stage Inspection for the issue of our IAA Flight Permit. With all that in place, it was time to prepare for the check flight.

The location of our build conveniently had a runway beside it which was perfect for our check flight schedule. However, before that, we thoroughly tested as many of the systems as we could. These tests included calibrating the fuel tank, setting the propeller pitch, engine runs, fuel flow measurements, weight and balance etc. Details of the check flight will be published in our next blog. Stay tuned!



Posted by SkyBound Airsports on Wednesday, 16 August 2017


The hinges for the lower part of two piece door are located on the forward cabin upright

Offering up the door frame prior to fitting the Lexan

Ready for the first engine run!