In conjunction with building the aircraft’s wings and finishing off the fuselage, Steve has been busy working away at his home workshop on the second-hand Rotax 912 that we will be using in our Swift 2.
In an attempt to show the aircraft that you can build on a budget of €37,000 inc.VAT, we opted to purchase a used engine. We have a reliable source abroad which supplies us with quality units (these come with all Rotax certification and logbooks) – Contact us if you’re looking for any used engines/ spares.
This engine has flown just over 700hrs so is hardly run in yet.

Steve’s dedicated engine workshop


As per any engine that we sell/ use from abroad the whole engine will be checked and inspected as per current Rotax documentation to ensure that every part is well within tolerance. As Steve is an approved Rotax Independent Maintenance Technician (iRMT) to Heavy Maintenance level then he is authorised to strip the engine down to the block (but not split the crank).

Work begins stripping our Rotax 912


Gearbox removed and crank run-out checked on both mag & PTO ends


This engine suffers from the common leaking oil seal from behind the starter motor & magneto housing. Although this leak is very minor it looks messy

Mag housing removed exposing sprag clutch & the offending oil seal


All cylinders/ pistons removed and measured for wear as are the valves & rocker arms etc.


Carburetors treated to a complete strip, ultrasonic clean and full rebuild kit


Re-assembly begins


Finished at last!!

As well as having every seal replaced, gearbox strip/ re-shim, new heavy duty starter motor installed,new fuel pump etc; the engine was also treated to a complete make-over.
All casing were deep cleaned, all bolts changed to stainless equivalents, silicon performance water hoses used and rocker covers powder-coated.
What a difference to the engine now!
Originally everything was still in spec and this engine would have run fine for many many thousands of hours without any issues but we like to check everything ourselves to ensure that we’re happy with the motor.
Once installed and running she should purr like a kitten.