• Full featured, EASA/FAA certified Class 1 transponder and certified for VFR and IFR operation
  • 57 mm standard form factor
  • 4-line LCD display shows active and stand-by code, operating mode, flight level and flags
  • Remote Control Unit TRT800RT available
  • Operating Modes: Mode A/C, Mode S
  • ADS-B ready, supports Extended Squitter, connection to GPS receiver with adapter cable
  • Integrated altitude encoder up to 35,000 ft
  • Configurable energy saving mode
  • Includes aircraft adapter for selection of ICAO 24 bit aircraft ID, type and flight number (required for Mode S operation), holds up to 8 different data sets

TRT800H LCD Mode S Transponder

The TRT800H LCD is a standard transponder in 2 ¼‘‘ standard housing for all applications in general aviation from ultralight aircraft to gliders and piston engine aircraft. It offers the classical A/C modes of operation plus full Mode S support including the future oriented extended squitter function. Advantages of this unit are an attractive price, small dimensions and a built-in altitude encoder without heating requirement.

These features help to reduce installation effort, cost and weight. The unit provides the required 25 ft altitude resolution. The TRT800H LCD may be used up to 35,000 ft actual operating altitude (not to be confused with maximum operating altitude) and a maximum true airspeed of 250 kt (463 km/h). Using the Remote Control Unit TRT800RT, the TRT800H LCD can be fully remotely controlled. Especially glider pilots will appreciate the energy saving mode.

Technical Data

Dimensions 65 x 65 x 160 mm
Weight 580 g
Power supply voltage 13,8 V DC
Current typ < 300 mA*
Transmitter power at antenna connector 175 W
Standards EUROCAE ED-73C, CS-ETSO- 2C112a / DO-181D Class 1, Level 2es, non-diversity

TSO-C112c, 14 CFR part 21subpart O EASA.21O.269, FAA TSO-C112c

Certification EASA.21O.269, FAA TSO-C112c

Download the Datasheet HERE.