We were delighted to take delivery of our first two kits in the first week of October. The first one is a Skyranger Nynja which will be the SkyBound demo aircraft. If you’re interested in a demo flight, please get in touch. We hope to have it built and flying early in the new year. The second kit is a Skyranger Swift 2 for our first customer Pat Marnane.

Both kits have now been moved to the build locations and following registration with the NMAI building will commence. Lots of work has gone on behind the scenes to get the build locations in order before the arrival of the kits. Check back here on a regular basis where we will keep you up to date on the progress of both the Nynja and the Swift 2.


Checking all of the kits contents at Sywell



The van loaded up ready for departure



Arrival of the kits in Limetree