Welcome to our second blog and new build project.

After an exciting first full year in business we’re starting out 2018 with a few changes within the company infra-structure as well as adding a new dedicated maintenance premises in Ballyboy Airfield (EIMH). This facility is a great addition to the company and will add to the service that we can offer our customers in the future.

On this build project we decided that a Swift 2 with a Rotax 912 (80hp) would be fun to construct. As a contrast to our first build (EI-FXV: Skyranger Nynja 100hp) where we used the full Kanardia instrumentation package, on this Swift 2 build we’re opting to use the standard gauges which can be provided by Flylight Airsports as an optional extra to the standard aircraft kit. We also plan to keep the specification to a more basic level but of course we can’t resist a few toys so a Kanardia HORIZ will probably find its way into the cockpit.

Remember and check in every week or so to follow our progress.


The kit was delivered in July ’17 but sat untouched until October.


We arrived at our temporary workshop, unpacked the kit and checked through all the items as per the packing list.

It’s amazing that the whole aircraft packs into six boxes!


Initially the airframe comes together very quickly. Here we have the progress made after only two days of work (x 2 people).

 The basic airframe is exactly the same bolted together tubular aluminium structure as is used within the whole Skyranger family. This makes for a very strong and lightweight fuselage.

 Our experience is now showing on this build. We have a clear understanding of the build process – it is extremely important though that the manual is followed at all times and a clear log is kept of all the work completed. We opted to replace all washers & nylocks with stainless steel, so once they are finally locked in-place they’re clearly marked with ‘cross check’.

After five days of work we have the Swift 2 onto it’s own wheels – brakes, fuel tanks, horizontal stabilizers & elevators are also installed.

The undercarriage has essentially remained unchanged on the Swift 2 from the original ‘Classic’ models. However, the attachment points are exactly as per the Nynja so therefore negates the use of the old bracing spar which really cleans up the look of the aircraft. You can see the UK Section ‘S’ modification here with the inner U bolt changed for the upgraded clamp.