Indu altimeter is an electronic device, which mimics classical altimeter construction and combines it with the state of the art electronics. The altimeter is an electromechanical device. It consist of high precision electronic barometric sensor, which provides static pressure information in digital form. The electronics reads the sensor and drives two coaxial stepper motors turning one needle each. The pressure information is also shown on a colour LCD display. A rotating knob is used to adjust the barometric offset  (aka QNH value). When connected to a CAN bus the altimeter outputs the pressure information. An optional dim knob can be connected to the device and it is used to adjust the brightness of the screen.


The following table lists the major specifications.

Description Value
 Altitude range  -500 … 9000 m, (-1500 … 30000 feet)
 Weight  245 grams
 Size  82 x 82 x 54 (73 with connectors) mm
 Operational voltage  6 … 32 V
 Power consumption  1.44 W
 Current  120 mA at 12 V (60 mA at 24 V)
 Operating  temperature  -30 C … +85 C
 Humidity  30 … 90 %, non condensing
 Barometric sensor  24 bit, 10-1200 hPa, 20 cm resolution
 QNH range  590 … 1080 hPa, (17.42 … 31.89 inHg)
 Internal logger storage  cca. 6500 hours before overlapping, 1 sec interval
 Communication  CAN bus, 29 bit header, 500 kbit, Kanardia protocol