The Nesis family of avionics is a self-contained state-of-the-art EFIS instrument optimized for ultralight aircrafts. Nesis is available in two sizes:

  • 8.4” screen diagonal – Nesis III,
  • 5.5” screen diagonal – Nesis II only

The new Nesis III has several advantages comparing its predecessor.

  • Larger 8.4″ display with even higher brightness.
  • Touch screen option – high quality capacitive touch screen is used.
  • Dual user interface. Besides touch interface, all operations can be also done using buttons. This allows you to use either touch or buttons whatever is more convenient.
  • New, optimized and more intuitive user interface. Nesis was always known to be a simple instrument to use. Now, with the new interface, it will be even simpler. (At the end of October, we will make this new interface available for the Nesis II and Nesis I, too.)
  • Smaller width and slightly larger height together with larger screen gives a very compact result that fits optimally into most aircraft cockpits.
  • Reduced weight – 1200 g with the touch option and 1050 g without touch.
  • New power management – keeps the main computer alive even when you are starting an engine with an old battery. The screen goes black, but the main computer works. As soon as engine starts, the screen lights again with all engine parameters readily available.
  • Autopilot ready. All you need are two servos (SERU units) and Nesis will drive them.
  • Low power consumption even at high brightness – cca 0.7 A at 12 V. This allows passive cooling without any ventilators.
  • Plug and play for Power Flarm and other similar devices with standard Flarm output.
  • Video in option. Use this to connect any composite video and you are able to see the video on the screen together with the flight parameters.
  • New log system allows block on/off and flight time recording, together with the detailed engine and flight information.
  • Multi pilot/instructor support.
  • Vector, raster chart and scanned chart support.
  • Geoniss ready – all you have to do is to connect the Geoniss device to the bus.
  • and much more …

All units are lightweight with low power consumption. Nesis includes:

  • airspeed and altitude monitors,
  • a variometer,
  • an AHRS,
  • a horizontal situation indicator (HSI),
  • an autopilot,
  • an engine monitoring system (EMS),
  • a moving map,
  • a flight planning system,
  • world-wide map coverage,
  • support for ADS-B and Flarm receiver
  • and much more.

Nesis has a multi-language user interface and is the only modern multifunctional unit which hosts the carbon monoxide detector and gives a warning before CO builds up to dangerous levels.