Nynja Kit


nyja-build-manualBuilding the Nynja is a fairly straightforward process. A comprehensive build manual comes with the kit in PDF format. This can be used to print off replacement pages, to zoom in on photographs, and to print colour versions of the wiring diagrams. SkyBound will of course provide any technical support where necessary.

The manual has lots of drawings and photographs to help you build your aeroplane. The photographs are chosen to illustrate each point, but often include other areas of the aeroplane in the background. Many parts are common to the Skyranger and Skyranger Swift, and these may be shown in some of the photos and drawings where commonality exists.

Main tools needed for assembly

  • Spanners and sockets in the range of: 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 17mm
  • Allen keys: 4, 6, 8mm
  • Metal saw
  • Drill and bits for metal
  • Rivet pliers
  • Cutting pliers
  • General pliers
  • Screwdrivers, flat and cross-head
  • Hammers, metal and rubber/plastic
  • Mouse tail file with diameter less than 6mm
  • Flat file
  • Engineers Rule
  • Tape measure
  • 6mm reamer (desirable)
  • Wire-locking pliers (desirable)
  • Cleco‟s or Skin pins for 4mm holes
  • Dremel Multi tool or equivalent small cutting / sanding tool
  • Soft faced clamps

Products needed for assembly

  • Loctite 243, to be used on all bolts
  • Silicon grease
  • Oil for general use
  • Oil for engine and gearbox, see engine documents
  • Epoxy adhesive (Araldite or similar)
  • Lock-wire

Check out our blog on the home page of this website to see images of the Skyranger Nynja being built.