To date, we’ve spent 57 hours building and have the airframe rear fuselage completely finished and the composite skins fitted. It’s amazing – all this with a few sockets, spanners and rivet gun! Take a look at the photos and captions below which gives more details about the steps involved. The next stage is to install the engine and start on the wings.


The rear fuselage fairings are marked with cut lines where parts of the structure protrude such as control cables, tailplane front mounting bracket and some bolt heads. These were carefully cut out using a Dremel multi-tool and then sanded down to a smooth finish.


The two rear fuselage halfs after the holes have been cut and just before they are fitted to the fuselage.


Steve carefully filing the edges of the fuselage cuttings


The fuselage halfs were loosely fitted and secured with tape to verify correct positioning



Cleco’s are used to hold the fairings in position after the tape has been removed and before the screws are fitted along the top and bottom seams.



This view shows the holes that we’ve drilled to accommodate various control wires and tailplane front mounting bracket.



A view along the top of the fuselage where both fairings are attached together.