Skyranger Swift II

The Skyranger Swift II is a development from the best selling Skyranger. Featuring a smaller wing, the Swift II benefits from higher cruise speeds and a more comfortable ride in turbulence thanks to the increased wing loading.

With a combination of shorter wingspan, and greater torsional strength, the smaller ailerons result in reduced roll loads and increased roll rate, especially noticeable at high cruise speeds over 100mph.

Takeoff performance is still in the STOL category, and with the 100 hp 912ULS a max weight takeoff roll on grass is less than 65metres, and a spirited 1200fpm climb, rate rising to over 1500fpm solo. Stalling speed remains a comfortably low 33.5Knots at 450Kg loading, meaning short field landings are still a breeze.

Powerful control response right down to stall speed, makes for easy control, and superb crosswind capability.

The Skyranger always did have the highest payload in class, and with the Swift II gaining 3Kg from the smaller wing this is increased further. Basic spec aircraft can be built under 250Kg. The owner can then decide whether to benefit from increased payload, or add a full range of extras and avionics, without having to worry about exceeding the maximum weight limit.

The Skyranger features a fast build kit with a level of completeness unbeaten in the industry. New additions for Swift II kits are Aerofoil section jury struts as standard, reinforced windscreen, fuselage side batten curving brace, new door catches, pre cut, bent and powder-coated firewall, and a host of other small upgrade items down to details such as coloured rivets to match cowling and tinted screens. There are no hidden extras required to get our kits into the air!

New optional extras include a ‘flash dash’ upgrade, with large instrument panel with traditional curved upholstered top, allowing plenty of room for a full high spec avionics fit, and a complementary centre console to clean up the interior look. A 15 second repositional seat kit is also available to enable rapid adjustment . No more need for that pile of cushions when you are the shortest pilot in the syndicate! A thermal screen cabin rear wall is also available to increase the effectiveness of the heater system for those really cold winter days.