Work continues at a fast pace and it looks like we’re on the home stretch! The last parts of the engine to complete were the throttle linkages and some of the electrical connections. The SkyRanger is fitted with dual throttles outboard of each side of the cabin. They are joined together with a torque tube which is connected to the throttle cable. There were other bits and pieces to do such as installing the regulator, starter solenoid and running the various cables for the senders through the firewall in preparation for installing the instruments.

The next job was installing the three teardrop spats. There’s a small bit of cutting to do to clear the undercarriage leg. Aluminium brackets are fitted to the retaining tubes and the spat fits over the entire wheel and brake assembly. It’s then secured using three bolts, one on the outside and two on the inside. Like all aircraft spats, it’s a fiddly job! We started the process of applying for a registration before Christmas and we were allocated the registration EI-FXV. This allowed us to have the letters made up and the decals designed. The beauty of a white aeroplane is that it gives you lots of scope to design whatever colour scheme you like. If you don’t like it, just pull off the decals and try again! We must say though, we’re very happy with this design and we think it’ll look even better when it’s flying.

The last big job to complete is the instrument panel. We spent lots of time discussing this and agreed to go with Kanardia instruments. As we write they have just arrived but you’ll have to wait until the next blog for the details! While we were waiting for the avionics, we designed the panel and had it sent off to be laser cut and powder coated. While we wait for these we’ve completed some of the interior tasks in the cabin such as fitting the seat covers and the centre console. Check out the photos below and if you have any comments or questions feel free to ask them over on our Facebook page!

The throttles (in black) are located outboard of the cabin and are connected via a torque tube

The three teardrop spats

The spats fit over the brake assembly and are secured using two bolts on the inside and one on the outside.

A view of the nose gear spat

There were a few wiring jobs left in the engine bay such as fitting the starter solenoid, the regulator and various senders.

Some of the wiring on the cabin side of the firewall that will feed into the back of the instrument panel

The decals and registration fitted, what do you think?

You can see some of the cabin work that’s been done in this photo involving the seats and centre console

Another view of the cabin, still some work to do here yet!