Welcome to our second blog update..

Here the wings are constructed and the rear fuselage is covered.

Great progress is being made building the wing skeleton structure.


The wings are rigged before covering commences to ensure that everything is properly aligned

We opted to use the same procedure that we used with the previous Nynja build and ‘dry rig’ the wings prior to installing the covers. Having them off of the ground allowed easy access so as to apply generous amounts of AFC50 to the inside the wing tubing and makes life much easier in applying the protective tape to the leading and trailing edges (this prevents the wing skins fretting off of the tubing).

We are using XLAM covers (as per the Nynja build). These are an optional extra to the basic aircraft kit price but as they are a UV protected laminate material with zero porosity they are an essential upgrade in our opinion (XLAM should outlast the life of Dacron by approx 3 times).


The rear fuselage was also covered at this point

Installing the rear fuselage skin is one of those jobs that just takes time and patience.
Once the skin is loosely fitted the lacing is gradually tightened until it is taught (the process has just began in the picture above). Once fully tightened and the material has had time to settle, a few passes with a hot-air gun (this will be covered in more detail later in the build) will remove any creases/ transportation blemishes from the material.

Wing CoveringEven after doing this task a few times over the past year, carefully following the manual is the key to this job as is patience and plenty of tea.  These wings are very straight forward to cover and must be the easiest to do of any kit aircraft currently on the market.

Both wings finished. Total time taken = 4hrsAfter only 4 x hours of work we have both wings covered, tensioned, battens installed re-fitted back onto the fuselage.
Just like the other XLAM covered surfaces, once the material has settled we’ll take time and go over both wings with a hot air gun to eliminate any creases and installation blemishes.